When searching for a job on different recruitment portals, most of the companies use automation tools to scan your resume. Your digital marketing resume should reflect your skills, which helps in shortlisting of your resume. They need a digital marketing specialist who can build social media campaigns, rank websites in search engines, or a digital expert who can effectively implement digital strategies.

That's why you should focus on concentrating on a niche field and expounding on your experience there rather than spreading your expertise too wide and hoping that the company will pick up bait and recruit you. If you're not getting a good place in an organization, your digital marketing cv may not be up to the mark, or you're applying for the wrong position.

The guide will help you identify weaknesses in your current digital marketing resume and will also help you create an excellent CV to stand out from others and get a good job in digital marketing.

First, If you are creating a skill-focused resume, listing your skills is essential. On the other hand, if you decide a work-focused resume better highlight your work experience, you might keep the skill section to a minimum or incorporate comments about skills within work history.

What Should you add to your Digital Marketing Resume

For an Experienced Digital Marketing Resume

  • Introduction- summary/ objective
  • Work experience
  • Key skills
  • Key Projects
  • Education and Certifications
  • General contact information

For Fresher’s Digital Marketing CV

  • Introduction- summary/ objective
  • Key skills
  • Education and Certifications
  • Any Internship experience
  • General contact information

This is not mandatory that these parts should always be included. However, they are included in maximum resumes and are thus important to the decision of the recruiter.

Before you start...

If you apply to multiple organizations at once (which is often the case), then your resume needs to be customized to reach one of them. You cannot copy-paste the same thing in each of them, as different organizations will have different job roles, goals, and objectives. You will need to show through your resume that you are already fulfilling these needs and that you will do so in the future as well.

So for any resume you've ever made, you'll need to be sure about the following things:

The position you apply for as eg. -SEO specialist, affiliate marketer, social media manager, content writer, etc.

What the employer is looking for—focus on hard skills such as Keyword Research, link building, email automation, Copywriting etc. Soft skills, such as teamwork and honesty, are generic and are not consciously sought out by employers.

Let's see how we can make the most of each section:

The objective/summary of the resume

  • This is probably one of the most significant parts of the CV.
  • Recruiters goes through hundreds of resumes every day.
  • If the introduction is not attention-grabbing, they won't read anymore.
  • If you don't have significant job experience, you can write a resume objective.
  • If you do have the experience, a summary would work better.

Resume objective

Fresher’s: Resume objective

Recent graduate with a bachelor in economics. Looking to learn and become a digital marketer at <agency name>. – This not an appropriate Resume Objective

If you owe a Certification you can highlight here. 

The correct Resume Objective is below:

Recent graduate from XYZ University who has completed Social Media Marketing & Ads internships. Used strategic and creative skills to craft compelling campaigns and generate profitable leads. Looking to work with <the name of the agency> as a social media marketer to scale up and produce results from lead generation and campaign creation efforts.

For experienced candidate: Resume summary

HubSpot and Adwords certified Digital Marketing Specialist. Worked for 5+ years in an international corporation as a Digital Marketing Manager. Carried out an extensive competitor and customer analysis and converted the results into a 75% increase in sales for each quarter.

Always make claims that are based on facts and do not put vague statements like this:

An ambitious and sincere digital marketing expert with knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and email marketing.

A lot of digital marketers know that. But are you able to achieve results? The recruiter is most involved in knowing this.

Work experience

This is probably the most important section after the introduction. You have to arrange it accordingly for maximum impact, clarity and readability.

  • Below template is a format for reference:
  • Name of designation:
  • Worked from ____- _____
  • Company name, location

Use action verbs that evokes an action of doing something.

<Use words like coordinated, executed, implemented, collaborated, identified, and provided.

Here’s an example that will make it clearer:

Email marketing manager

Jan 2017 – October 2019

ITinfo  Digital, Hyderabad, India

Key responsibilities

  • Carry out an extensive competitor and customer analysis
  • Strategize end-to-end email marketing campaigns and focus areas for the upcoming quarter
  • Track and analyze results and responses to change certain campaign aspects
  • Key achievements
  • Generated 200+ relevant leads from cold email marketing campaign
  • Increased the CTR by 75% in a single quarter
  • Keep the number of points between 3-5

Mention key skills

These are the skills you have gained over the course of your entire career. Don't include any random skills. It should contribute to what the hiring manager is looking for, the role you are applying for and the areas where you have worked and have experience in your skills.

These are few digital marketing hard skills

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Guest posting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Traffic analysis and reporting
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Email strategy planning
  • Email campaign creation
  • Email copywriting
  • Email A/B testing
  • Email automation
  • Social media campaign management
  • Viral marketing
  • Headline writing
  • Copywriting
  • Link building
  • Conversion optimization

Pick 3-5 of these and add them to the skills section. You can also mention soft skills like teamwork, attention to detail, accountability, time management skills, etc.

Education and Certifications

Most of the Resume contains the education portion before job one, but it makes more sense to include it after work; for the employer, the work experience is more important if you are a professional.

If you do not have a degree that applies to this area in any way, but if you do have digital marketing certifications, then include them!

If you've finished college, you don't need to mention your schooling at very first.

If you have a Master’s degree, list your degrees in reverse chronological order. Instead of including all the degrees you've amassed, include unique coursework areas that are important to digital marketing, such as advertisement, communications, marketing, branding, etc.

This section of your resume should also include any diplomas, certifications, and internships pertinent to your education and professional development. Don't overlook anything that distinguishes you from the competition as a lifelong learner to keep up with the rapidly changing field of digital marketing.

Don't forget to mention where you started learning and where you are working now. For instance

I Completed My Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad in 2019 and Joined ITinfo - Marketing Agency in 2022.

General contact information

This includes your name, phone number, email address, links to your blog and/or LinkedIn profile. Make sure you post regularly and communicate regularly with your connection in LinkedIn.

Additional things you need to take care of:

  1. Keep the length of the resume to just one page. If you have worked in the industry for more than 10 years, your professional life can be summed up in just one page.
  2. Choose your best achievements, clients, and projects that fit with the role you're applying for at the moment. Include the only ones.
  3. Don't use fancy, illegible fonts in a resume. Using easily understandable ones that are competent and not too static. Fonts like Arial, Proxima Nova, Times New Roman, etc are working well.
  4. Use the whitespace generously; to make the resume more readable.
  5. Use the headings generously; save the time of the recruiter, guide them easily from one section to another and let them quickly find what they are searching for.
  6.  Proofread your resume using Grammarly for spelling and grammar. Even a slip will leave a negative expression on the recruiter.

In Conclusion,

A job-winning digital marketing CV is all about engaging with your audience—the potential employer—in the right way, at the right time, and in the right job for you.